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Where is our review culture ?

It's all about sales and marketing, but where has our hard-facts review culture gone ?
This is a question, I ask myself since some month, because I have the subjective feeling(post-truth!:-p), that since some years we celebrate more the new things, ideas and visions and forgot to focus on old-school reviews.
Sometimes are reviews a proof for great business strategies and you can learn from it for the future. Sometimes it's better not to look back or to the facts and figures, because it will bring a bigger damage to daylight you better hide.
The older I get, the more I like numbers and facts. Real numbers, provable numbers, because this is the only way, to learn something in a honest, realistic way, especially in these times of post-truth and subjective feelings you meet in social media.
On the other hand, I think, that this kind of review culture is going to decline, because it's not sexy to be beaten by hard facts in the end. Facts are a kind of control authority, like daddy and mommy, when we were young, who told us, if something was wrong or right. So facts will punish or reward you.
In these fast social media times, with a lot of information raining down to us per second, we are more used to look forward, than stop and have a look back and learn from our mistakes or control fake numbers.
A failure culture has become sexy in a way, that I am not sure about, if it goes in the right direction, because failures has to be made, but not to be celebrate. It's not cool to make a mistake, but you can learn from it, if you aware of it.
Marketing without hard facts is like a cheap lie or gambling for the future, hoping it will work. Producing facts and review them is a lot of work and time-consuming and who wants to spend time for something, you get in the end punished for ? ;-) So better do not look to the details and the fine print, it's not good for your eyes.
I a m not talking about finance industry, but about all other industries, where you sometimes fake the balance sheet for better sales and marketing noise, because the crowd would not control the numbers, they are just believers(from Justin Bieber) and you all know, where 'just believing' has let to in history...
Maybe I am just to focused to my experiences from our emotional Marketing-HR-Headhunting-Consulting-Industry, but maybe there are also more examples from you outside about this 'decline of the facts and review culture' ?!
Would be nice to get some short examples here and don't forget, I like hard-facts! :-)
Happy Tuesday from Vienna,

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