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Smart Working & Trends of the last 6 month - a Feedback

Dear Breadhunter Friends,

I am sorry, that my BREDHUNTER-Blogging-Time was limited the last weeks / month, because my new job @Talentor was quite interresting, adopting Breadhunter-Tools to the group and partners as well as checking inhouse workflows.

Now I can say, that we are on a good way here at Talentor to combine oldschool headhunting workflows with new tools and smart working.
Since the last 4 years collaboration and IT-Tools have changed and since cloud computing is here, there are a lot of possibilities to work smarter, faster and more efficient, than the whole 12 years before.
I also had to delete my own knowledge about computers, Microsoft Office Workflows and Databases, which I have learnd and used from 1998 until 2011 to learn new tool, adopt trends and change my mindset of workflows.
Working hard, does not mean working smart !
But we have to work smarter and faster, to be ready for the next 10 years and in the end I can say it was the right way to learn new things fromt he beginning and I really wish to catch you too with this new workflows and tools to try it and change yours the right way.

The 3 Books, I have mentioned in my article before, summarize perfectly the changes and new tools from the last 3-4 years, what I have learnd from youtube videos, conferences and magazine articles, so if you find time during the x-mas holidays, read this 3 books to get an idea, what is going on right now.

In all business we can learn a lot from startups and the youngster Generation Y and the Millennials.
They can teach us to work smarter by their tools and we older Generation X and Baby Boomers can make fine tuning with our experience and workflows, if they are still perfect, but be aware, that you have to learn 50% of other new workflows to survive the next 10 years in business.
  • We do not need to get 300 emails a day
  • We have to work everywhere, anytime and at all devices
  • We have to learn to adopt fastern, because there is not time to launche a new website within 12 month. No, this can be done in 1 week
  • Things are changing very fast arround us, so move you A-- and adopt as fast as you can, PhD's are produced in universities, but not in business
  • Fast try & error solutions are more important, than theoretical thinking and intellectual orgasms, which are not related to real life and global business
  • Be more flexibel, international and collaborate global

I would say, it will take maybe 3-6 month to get an idea and adopt new workflows and tools, but then you are prepared for the Millennials and work from 2020 ongoing, so start now, the time is right !

Why we do this ? 
Because smart working is less stress, it's fun and easy getting things done instead of mass emails, many different documents and excel sheets, as well as delays and no project management.
Also Projectmanagement & Time Managment Tools have improved and become more easy to use.
e.g. Asana, Liquidplanner or Toggl.

Austria is a very traditional market, concerning business, workflows and getting things fast done.
Sometimes I think the clocks are not working here, which is good for work-life balance, but bad for international business and competition. And I am sure this will change also, because you can't afford it in international business to be slow, globalization is to fast.
On the other hand we do have here great startups and e.g. the Pioneers Festival, so the Generation Y & the Millennials to change this and see how smart working can be look like.

After this shift from old workflows to new smart working everybody will see, how easy work & collaboration can be and what possibillities we do have, but this meand change and an fresh mindset, willing to learn new things and to move.

I also think that we are now on the beginning of a big change prozess concerning company workflows, because at the moment many companies are not able to handle 300 emails per day as well as easy collaboartion.

So push the button to start your new collaboartion workflows to work smarter and have a better work-life-balance on the pulse of time.

To be continued.... :-)

And here comes a basic video:

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