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The New BREADHUNTER: Transparency, Craft and Global Partners in 75 countries

Dear Friends, in 2 weeks will be a re-launch of THE BREADHUNTER in Vienna with partners in 75 countries worldwide, who work with me together on your needs. We deliver Global Direct Search in only 3 Packages.We do handle your projects exclusively.We are transparent from the beginning, this means about prices, working hours, targets, project timeline, workload. (You don't buy a pig on a poke.)We have Partner Companies in 75 countries worldwide.We are a handicraft boutique headhunting company with 18 years experience.We work fast and with a high quality level.We understand cultures and industries, especially in: Russia, Middle East, Asia, CEE, SEE and the US.We are experts in these industries: Manufacturing, Medical Engineering, FMCG, Digital, Aircraft, Defense and Finance. Sorry, IT is not our dance floor. :-pSo stay tuned, we are back with the new website on the 1st of February 2018 ! Best regards from Vienna, Thomas Zahlten

The new business mantra of staying positive to purge critical thinkers

Maybe I belong now to the old-school-society of the 40 to 80 years old business people with my opinion, but I just have to write some words about this new business behavior I see since about 4 years being also famous in Germany and Austria more and more.
To stay positive and be an optimist is not a bad thing, but to use this mantra to purge all critics and thinkers of their opinion is a business style which became very famous the last years to kill all good arguments, which are not conform with an unready mainstream idea. It's the best mantra to avoid a discussion, which you would loose in the end and ensure the power just by looking forward and never back, because you could learn from mistakes or you would be beaten by the facts & figures, which would lead to a total different decision making. So there is a new business movement, sometimes also related to naive startups, but also to stronger business leaders, which pray this mantra anytime, anywhere: Stay positive, don't be …

From BREADHUNTER III.: History & Future of Headhunting

Chapter 3. History and Future of Headhunting (from BREADHUNTER III. - The English Blog Articles, p. 187 - 195) Predicting the Future of something feels like the oracle of Delphi and I don’t believe in this stuff, but I think there are experiences and learnings from the last years, that will help us to forecast a trend also in headhunting and executive search. Also, here I will remind you to the 2 videos of dissolve.com about the generic marketing ad and the millennials. We do have 3 business worlds and trend now behind us, if you just look on the last 30 years. The 1st world was this kind of 80ties/90ties old-boys network business with big cars, suits and expensive watches at your wrist. Especially in headhunting and executive search, you could earn a lot of money during the late 80ties and 90ties and a bit during the beginning millennial times. I wrote about this in my 1st BREADHUNTER I. book from my experiences in Munich during 1999. Companies took every candidate with any university degre…

The Generic Breadhunter Ads 2017 - Another New Book

This is a Manifesto of Generic Advertising from the last 5 years, the generic Breadhunter Ad Campaign as Coffee-Table-Art-Book from November 2017. It's not an important book, but it's essential, if you are sick of the generic marketing campaigns everywhere on social media and in print.
This picture book is a inspiration to be more creative in social media ads and marketing as well. We have to stop this generic bullshit and concentrate on real, intelligent ads plus on our work too.  I would love to see my campaign on billboards around the world, :-p, maybe someone will do it... Find more Information here. Greetings from Vienna, Thomas Zahlten PS: Available from 27th of November 2017 at Amazon and everywhere in bookstores.

Generische Social Media Werbung Teil II. - German Edition by BREADHUNTER

Viel Spass mit den nun deutschen, generischen Werbetexten, die jeder sicher schon so oder ähnlich von LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter und generell Social Media als Bild-Posting kennt. >
The Empire Strikes Back Now! :-) Beste Grüße aus Wien und zum Link gehts hier. Thomas Zahlten

Geil ads by Breadhunter (german) von Breadhunter - Executive Solutions & Blog

Baby-Boomer, Generation X und Millennials, der einzige Unterschied ist der Fokus, gespielt haben alle

Guten Morgen, hier nun die letzten Gedankenspiele zu diesem Thema, dann sind wir glaube ich durch damit. Wie die Überschrift schon sagt, unterscheidet diese 3 Gruppen eigentlich nur der Fokus, sowie vielleicht die technischen Möglichkeiten, der Spiel und Spassfaktor war und ist der gleiche, nur eben mit und ohen Social Media. Ich denke, um diese 3 Arten zu verstehen und was sie bewegt, ist es wichtig sich nochmal die jeweiligen Zeiten ins Gedächtnis zu rufen, als diese 3 Gruppen zwischen 20 und 30 waren. Dann wird ganz klar, dass diese Zeiterscheinungen unterschiedliche Ziele hatten, die alle mindestens so viel Spass gemacht haben, wie das Gründen eines Startups, nur erreicht letzteres seit einiger Zeit die größte Beachtung, weil es mit Arbeit zu tun hat und wichtiger erscheint, als vielleicht die Trends und Ziele der Baby-Boomer und Generation X. Die folgenden Kurzcharakteristika, helfen vielleicht etwas beim Verständnis, auch wenn man über dieses Thema auch eine Doktorarbeit schreibe…

The new BREADHUNTER campaign, are you serious ?

Maybe you have asked yourself the last 3 days, why there are this stupid, strange sentences with a Yello background and a BREADHUNTER Logo posted here on LinkedIn. So, some of you got it, I see on the number of LIKES and others maybe don't get it. I think, now in 2018 it's a good time to change the generic marketing bullshit, we are riding on since 7 years or longer. I am really bored of this, whats going on here on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and in commercials or print advertising. It's always the same generic bullshit with stereotypes of business or startups or it's a kind of sexual advertising, where the product has nothing to do with the ad itself, or maybe I don't got it, why there are half naked models or kissing couples in an commercial about a new car or mineral water, maybe you got it ?! The generic happy office ads are nice from 2000 - 2010, the startup and happy millennials dancing and high-five ads are good for 2011 - 2017, but now I think it&#…